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Leipziger Gose

Leipziger Gose actually originated in the smallish German town of Goslar in the state of Lower Saxony. Leipziger Gose was already first mentioned around 1000 AD under Emperor Otto III. Like many other beers styles (such as English Pale Ale and German Bock biers) the Goslar breweries of Leipziger Gose had to look elsewhere for a bigger market. They found those in the trade towns of Halle and Leipzig, about 100 miles East, where Leipziger Gose appeared around 1738 for the first time. By 1900 Leipzig boasted over 80 Gose houses. The spread of the bottom-fermenting pilsner style as well as economic decline of East Germany under communist regime contributed to the demise of the Leipziger Gose which was last brewed in the mid 1960s. The Gose style has seen a resurgance today, thanks to the interest of American craft brewers and the American beer import B. United, which has encouraged German breweries to produce the style once again.

A world class Leipziger Gose to try: Bayericher Bahnhof Leipziger Gose